Auto Glass Repair Edmonton

Auto glass repair and windshield damage is a common result after a collision. If you need auto glass repair and windshield repair on your vehicle, you should find a cost-effective and reliable car body shop. Freeway Auto Body has provided collision repair services at competitive prices for over 45 years, with customer satisfaction being our main objective. You can rely on Freeway Auto Body for all of your collision repair and auto glass repair Edmonton location.

Using advanced tools and equipment, we’ll repair your vehicle and have it back on the road like nothing ever happened. The Freeway team will order parts for your vehicle if necessary. If a part needs to be specially ordered, our team will work to get it done as soon as possible. Call us for a quote on repairs and allow us to help you get you back on the road.

Why Get Windshield Repairs?

To maintain your safety and the safety of others while you drive, it’s always a good idea to get your auto glass or windshield repaired after the damage has occurred. Whether your car has extensive damage from a collision or minimal damage has occurred from a rock chip, you need to call a car body shop. Glass repairs are best made when:

  • Damage is recent
  • Point of impact is small
  • Minimal cracks around damaged area
  • No moisture or foreign materials in damaged area
  • Damage is not in driver’s direct line of sight

If the damage is in the driver’s line of site or there are large cracks leading from the damaged area it is very likely you will need a new windshield entirely. At Freeway Auto Body we fix chips, cracks, and completely broken windshields to help you see clearly while you drive.

The windshield on your car or truck provides structural strength and support to your vehicle, even during a collision. This crucial support needs to be damage-free for your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Auto Glass Repair Edmonton Location

Fixing chips and cracks is a very quick process, but extensive damage means extensive repairs. If you can’t see properly while driving or your line of sight is interrupted by a crack, it’s very important to get your windshield repaired or replaced. Proper windshield replacement will improve your vehicle’s safety and allow you to see clearly again.

Along with our ability to completely replace a windshield, the skilled technicians at Freeway Auto Body can prevent minor chips from developing into larger cracks that cause problems. We also repair other auto glass from side windows to rear view mirrors so you always have full visibility. These services are for windows and glass that have been damaged in accidents or broken after being vandalized. Our services are designed to be convenient and cost-effective.

Call the Freeway Team for Great Results

When you’re looking for a car body shop in Edmonton, rely on Freeway Auto Body. Our team of experienced technicians can handle all types of collision repair from dent repair to windshield repair. If you have small cracks in your windshield or large cracks, our team has you covered. Request an estimate for our services then stop by to get your auto glass fixed!

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