Auto Repair Services



Auto Repair Services

Has your vehicle recently been in a collision? If so, it’s very likely that you need to get mechanical or other auto repair services done. Sometimes even a minor collision can cause damage to the machinery without you realizing it. An experienced auto body shop will be able to fix any mechanical or machinery problems your vehicle may have after a collision.

Different parts of your vehicle, from the suspension to the radiator, can have damage after a collision. Even if your car seems to just have a few scratches with no other damage, it’s possible there are problems you won’t notice until later when they’re much worse.

Serving Edmonton and area for over 50 years, Freeway Auto Body Ltd. can be trusted to provide you with comprehensive mechanical services at great prices.

Prevent Costly Repairs Today

There are many moving parts to your vehicle. Even if the exterior of your car seems fine, there could be internal issues that haven’t yet made themselves known. In order to prevent extremely expensive repairs down the road and help maintain the life of your vehicle, you’re going to want mechanical services done. The right auto body shop will have a crew that can analyze your vehicle, determine any problems, and fix said problems at an affordable cost.

Signs Your Car Needs Maintenance

It’s always recommended to get your car checked out after you’ve been in an accident, but what about under normal circumstances? Sometimes it can be difficult telling the difference between a tired car and one that needs to be looked at by a professional. The following tips will help you know when it’s time to visit an auto body shop to get repairs and maintenance:

  • Warning lights
    • Perhaps the most obvious clue, when an indicator on your dashboard lights up that means it’s time to see a mechanic. These indicators can signal small issues like a burnt out tail light or large issues like transmission failure.
  • Strange noises
    • Whining from under the hood
    • Loud exhaust noises
    • Uneven engine noise
    • Grinding
    • Squealing brakes
    • Crunching gears
  • Smoke or steam
    • Generally caused by overheating or radiator issues, white steam coming out of your car should be looked into. Blue smoke coming from your car is usually caused by burning oil and can be a very costly problem if left alone.
  • Sluggish acceleration
    • Being able to accelerate quickly is important, especially for merging onto highways or passing vehicles on two-lane roads. If you notice your car won’t accelerate as quickly or as much as it used to, get it checked out at an auto body shop.
  • Vibrations or pulling
    • Vibrations or pulling under braking can be a sign of unbalanced tires, a flat tire, or worn brake pads and discs. It’s not safe to have these problems, so get your car serviced as soon as you can.

At Freeway Auto Body we can diagnose your problem and provide you with straightforward solutions that will have your vehicle driving safely. We also offer towing services and can help arrange rental vehicles.


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